Handrails manufacturers in uk


The owners of balconies and handrails,have been involved with fabrication of handrails for over 30 years.From producing handrails in stainless steel and bronze (for the Sultan of Brunei) to our largest handrail manufacturers in uk we produced in a stainless steel tube being 16 inches outside diameter.
Having produced handrails manufacturers in uk in the uk for this period ,we are confidant we can provide a service to be proud of.

handrails manufacturers in uk

As handrail manufacturers in the uk ,we adhere to all the relevant British Standards and safety regulations.Handrail suppliers in the uk must ensure all there handrails will take a minimum loading,and height.With our in house design team we can survey if you wish,produce drawings for you to approve,once approved ,enter into our workshop for manufacture.Explain to us what you want to achieve and we will make it happen.We can incorporate wood into your desired design should you require it.Wood is supplied from a fully sustainable source and comes with a FSC certificate.Handrails can be supplied in powder coated aluminium to any Ral colour you require.RAL is the  recognised british standard colour chart ,ensuring the colour you require is correct.
Whilst powder coating looks nice ,please bear in mind that it can be damaged from people wearing rings,which can scratch and chip the powder coated handrail.It is possible to have a double powder coated system to the handrail manufacturers to provide additional protection to the handrail.
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