Structural Glass Balustrade suppliers uk

Among our previous contracts on these,we can list More London,The RBS building in London and glass structures to the O2 ,to name but a few.
Balconies and Handrails pride themselves on there quality of work and innovative designs,making them one of the more professional Structural Glass Balustrades suppliers in the uk.
We have designed and installed Structural Glass Balustrades throughout the uk,to take loadings of up to 3KN.
As a Structural Glass Manufacturer in the uk,we have to ensure our designs comply to the British Standards and loading requirements therein.
Over the years the owners of Balconies and Handrails have been involved in many prestigious contracts.If you refer to our gallery you will see the large Stainless Steel Handrail at More London.This was originally designed to go in faceted on the walls as none of our competitors designed a radiused detail that would work.The owners of Balconies and Handrails did ,making them one of the more innovative handrail manufactures in the uk.
No job is to small ,we truly believe in quality and care to our designs.
Having been involved with jobs such as the replacement of the balustrade to Westminster Bridge,Stainless Steel handrails to many of the bridges in London the owners of Balconies and Handrails can truly say that there knowledge makes them a very competent Structural glass balustrade suppliers uk in the uk.
Including all types of material from phosphor bronze ,stainless steel,brass and aluminium to enable them become a handrail manufacturer in the uk with no limitations!

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