Balconies suppliers in uk

Balconies suppliers

Balconies and Handrails intend to become one of the best Balconies Manufacturers in the uk. With our knowledge and over 30 years experience in the metalwork industry we can design and draw your balcony to your exact requirements,making us one of the easier Balconies Suppliers in the uk. One of the more popular designs is stainless and glass,providing a clear,crisp clean finish. Our balconies have been manufactured and installed in coastal areas ,which can cause quicker erosion,which is why when using stainless steel we always use grade 316.This being a higher specification of stainless steel suitable for these areas.Making Balconies and Handrails one of the more reliable Stainless Glass Balcony Manufacturers in the uk. If you have thought about having a balcony ,but do not have the roof area to fit to ,we can design a framework for you to take the balcony .This can be either hung from the building or on a framework on legs. When manufacturing the support steelwork,Balconies and Handrails ensure that the steel is double dipped in the galvanising tanks .This gives a thicker level of galvanising ,and ensures greater protection. Or why not have the frame manufactured out of Stainless Steel and make a feature of it? We have the facility not only to design your balcony but to instal.Making the whole process easy and stressless. We can provide calculations to ensure the design meets the building regulations ,and all relevant British Standards. With this level of care and attention you can be sure that you are dealing with one of the more reliable Balconies Suppliers in the uk.

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