Architectural Metalwork uk

Architectural Metalwork uk

Over the years the owners of balconies and handrails uk have been involved in many innovative metalwork projects,the scoop at more London was probably the most challenging.

Architectural metalwork In UK Architectural Metalwork In UK

The task was to produce a tube some 16 inches in diameter or approx 406 mm.This was to be radiused to follow the elliptical profile of the public viewing area.This also had to be spigoted joints with a 6 mm jointing gap.
Once the design had been approved we had to utilise suppliers to the metalwork industry covering all areas of metalwork in the uk.
The tube was radiused in Scotland and bought back to our workshop to be cut on a special saw.The position of the cuts was ascertained by the use of a laser.The tube was then sent to bead blasters to produce a finish that was to be electropolished.This was to achieve a finish as near as possible to 240 grit.It was impossible to hand polish the tube and achieve a universal finish.The tube was too big to fit on a centerless polishing machine.If this hand been hand finished it would have looked like a patchwork quilt!
As you can see from the picture we completed the scoop ,and the architects Norman Foster were so pleased ,they gave us an additional area to manufacture for.
With our care and attention to detail we aim to become a leading manufacturer of bespoke Architectural metalwork uk.
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